First Fishing Success

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  1. My first, what I would consider, successful fishing outing in AZ.

    Went to one of the local lakes around Prescott and made a day of it. Ended up catching my limit of (small) stocked rainbow trout.

    It's a slow start, having grown up going fishing for trout in the Sierra Nevadas of California, catching brown trout and rainbows that were generally wild or holdovers, but I'm glad I caught a few!

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    Congrats! They look tasty!
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  3. Holy smokes that's awesome, I could use a day like that! I fished Goldwater last Weds. and didn't get any bites, didn't see anyone else catching either. I think my next outing will be in the Dead Horse area, I typically do pretty well on the Verde in the winter months.
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  4. Ummm, smoked trout, it's good. !!!
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    Nice catch, which lake did you go to?
  6. fished Goldwater last week too, only got one bite. Good luck in Dead Horse. I might have to try the Verde someday
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  7. Well, I'd tell you, but... haha

    They will be! I'll probably just wind up pan frying them or baking them

    I know it! Made about 10 lbs of smoked trout from my catches last year. My smokers still in storage unfortunately so for now I'll have to cook em some other way.
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  8. Good morning to all-
    Well, here's a fishing report from the Alabama chapter of AHT...

    My son and I loaded up the old fishing skiff and went to Bon Secour River- a tidal stream which sometimes has very good fishing.
    We pulled up to a line of old dock pilings and dropped down some live shrimp. didn't take long.We caught some very nice sheepshead, black drum, and some very nice speckled trout.
    It was pleasant in the sun, and we saw ospreys, eagles, and lots of water birds.
    And we will have blackened fish for lunch. If will try and download some photos to prove it really did happen.

    And there's not a single political advertisement on the radio or TV now.

    things are much better, I'd say.

    good day to all- Ed
  9. You sure that wasn't you in front of me at Bashas buy all the fish? ;-)
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