First Wyoming Antelope hunt

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  1. Met some friends from back east for a Wyoming antelope hunt. Went to the Casper area and all three of us were successful.
    We hunted a walk in area that had about 11,000 acres of BLM, State and private land. Only saw a couple of other hunters the entire time we were there. Saw a lot of nice size bucks but could not get close enough for a shot. We all shot bucks on the smaller side. Had an excellent time and will do it again. Here are a few pics.

    The area we hunted



  2. I was up there last Sept. for the archery hunt, and had a great time. I was just outside of Newcastle. And my apologies, I put an arrow into the dumbest antelope in that whole state. So Sorry he was not up there for you to chase. LOL.. And I took that particular gene out of the gene pool. LOL

    Congrats on your filling your tags. And nice pics. Try that backstrap grilled over hot mesquite. Pretty good stuff.

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    Dryflysport, I found it.
    Great pictures and congrats on the Antelope. Looks like it was cold there. :lol:
    Thanks for the story and pics. And Welcome! :welcome: