First Yote, and boy was it a dumb one

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  1. I was out dove hunting, and by no means was expecting to shoot a coyote. Buddy and I were talking loudly, and were about to cross a heavily brushed wash when a juvenile yote came out. Dropped him at 5 yds

    Would not have taken the shot in any other situation, he didn’t take a step from where I hit him

    In all the times I had actually gone out hunting for them, I had been unsuccessful. From gun failures to, bad shots, it finally feels good to get one!

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  2. Not Dumb, Just YOUNG !!
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    Nice! Sometimes it happens that way.
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  4. One of my sons first coyote was on a pheasant hunt, It was a cold wet morning and there were birds, but they weren't flying. So we formed a drive and pushed them into a fence corner. When we got about 30 yards from the fence the birds started flying. We got two birds and decided to press into the corner to see what else we could scare up. As we got close to the fence my middle son was at the corner and instead of birds a coyote jumped up, As my son swung on it the coyote actually bit down on his barrel!
    It made a mess of the coyote but being his first we had to save the fur! He is in his 40's now and that skin is still in his garage! DR
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    They get smarter because of those like that one :)
  6. Keep killing off those dumb young ones and probable not get mine.