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I got to go fishing on the 4th of July up on the Lower Salt River. I met a new friend Ron from another website. He brought his son Zack and his nephew Josh. His friend Randy also came. We got there at five AM, just at daybreak. The river was flowing real high. I havn't seen it this high in many years. I used to see this high back in the mid. 90's in winter time when they would release water for the Dam. We headed down to the river to fish the hot spots that I used to know. They were covered with water so we had to wade out an extra 50yrds and 3 feet of water, just so we could put in our lines. Fishing was slow. I had a few nibble but didn't set the hook. Nephew Josh caught the first. Not a Trout but a Bass. Nice one I thought not a keeper but just shy of 13 inch. I got some pictures of it and he released it with a smile. Not much else was but caught, so my friend Ron rounded the crew up and moved down river a good streach. He was having trouble finder a place to sink his line due to the cover and trees and high water. I was just starting to catch up with them when I heard my name being call up stream. I knew that voice, It was my friend Josh Smith. He just made it down there to do alittle Fly Fishing. I thought I would chat a while and sneak a few picture of him in action as I keaped trying to catch my first Trout of the year. Josh Smith waded out to the middle of the river and started his casting. Two or three cast and he is hooked into one. It was a trout and he smiling because he was not skunked like I was at this point. I got a few good shoots of him in action. I was about 75 yrds down stream up to my thighs in water fishing and trying to take pics. of him. It isn't eazy doing all this and not drop some thing. :roll:
I headed out of the river to catch up with Ron and the others, which were heading back as I caught up with them. Ron was up there the past few days and wanted to head down stream to the Blue Point Bridge a few miles where he knew the Trout were jumping on your hook. As we reach the rivers edge there was planty of room for all to fish. I spot a streach that looked like it had the Trout I used to catch some years back. Rapids just what I was looking for. I was about 100 -75 yrds up stream from Ron and the others. I headed out into the fast moving water up to my thighs and threw my first cast. I was in heaven again. I had a nibble on the first cast, but missed. No big deal it just felt right. I love being in the water casting and waiting for that bite to come and get that adrenaline going once again. On the 4th cast BAM. Got one, nice fight and I had to make my way to short because I didn't bring the Net. Landed it and it was about 8 in. and on the stringer it goes. Back out in the water I get a few more, small but fun. I got another nice one- 11 incher and headed down to Ron to see how they were doing. Ron is having a great time every one is catching fish. I got to watch and take some action photos of them as they were pull in the Trout. Looks like Randy was the guy with the biggist fish and knows what he is doing.
Now for a few pictures.

Josh Smith Fly Fishing

Ron in action

First Fish

Lets start= Ron's Nephew Josh- Bass and frist fish of the day. Nice

Lets start- Ron and Crew BEFORE 5:00AM !
From Right to Left- Ron, his son Zack, Randy in the back
and Ron's Nephew Josh.

Ron and Randy Fishen...

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Hi Paul!
It was nice meeting you and getting out of the house for a while. We all had a good time - I think everyone caught at least one. I was tickled to see my son catch a couple after all the fish in Big Lake suddenly developed lockjaw while we were there. He was pretty bummed out then, but catching a couple seemed to get his spunk back. He sure has talked a lot about.
Where and when do you want to go next?

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Fishing With Your Son

Hey Ron, Glad I got to see you fishing with your. Those hours spent with him are worth 1 Million bucks. I got fever For some more Trout fishing. :mrgreen:

Zack Taking a break


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I gotta clear up a few misconceptions here...

Here's the honest truth about the fishing trip... :shock:
I thought I'd finish the story TallPaul started, only telling the truth.... :)
Paul told me on the phone he'd meet me up at the gas station on Baseline and Ellsworth at 4:30. He said not to wait, and I said I'd give him 5 minutes and then would be on my way. He's lucky I lied, because he didn't show up until about 4:58 or so (who's counting), so I begrudgingly let him take me to his honey hole to teach me how to fish with corn. Being the prepared guy I am, I brought along a can of whole kernel corn fresh from a local store. I was in no way prepared for the weird noises he began to make that at the time I could only assume was some sort of a nervous condition. I found out later that it was his trademark laugh, but I regress.
I asked him if he was okay, and through the noise I could only describe as a cross between a bullfrog and sheep, he said that he only fished with natural bait. Imagine my confusion when he rooted through his fishing vest and pulled out an ear of corn fresh from the garden. Using a 00 sized hook, he proceeded to bait a hook that I would have called an anchor, but who am I to critique? I watched in wonder as he flipped the ear of corn out into the rapids using a fishing setup I'd only seen on my one ocean fishing trip. The bait hit the water and those who didn't see it hit the deck thinking lighting had to have struck close by. Another weird sound emitted from Paul as he adjusted his drag while letting out the line in time to the current.
I'm not one to exaggerate, but I swear he had the most maniacal grin the whole time, and muttered something under his breath about rookies....
About that time, my nephew recovered from the concussion long enough to catch his 12.5 pound bass. The screaming and yelling was awesome, until I realized Paul was serious about it being a little 13 inch bass and not being worth keeping. He took a picture after reeling in his bait, and somehow doctored the photo he posted on this site to make his account seem real.
We were all getting a little nervous about this time, especially Josh, and we decided it might be best to mosey on downstream a little. I must tell you that moseying in this case was nothing but blind panic - have you ever seen 2 grown men and 2 kids hauling tail like a bear was after them in prime mating season, and them being covered in sow in heat perfume? We each got tangled up in the fence at least twice, and twice more trying to get out.
Finally, after reaching a safe distance (roughly 2 miles or so) we tried to fish again, only to hear that weird sound again right behind us.
Mustering all the courage I had, I told the maniac ( known here as TallPaul) that there was no place to fish, and I knew of a place where there were more people around, errr, more fish to be caught. He agreed, and after the brisk 3 mile walk (remember, we ran 2 miles) back to the truck, we took off for the blessed Blue Point Bridge and all the loveable crowds surrounding it.
Thankfully, the ride to the bridge gave us all a little time to catch our breath and control our minds.
We made our way to the fishing hole below the bridge and TallPaul (We started calling him TP for short since he'd scared us so bad) suddenly began to fish like he knew how, and became the most helpful fellow. Taking pictures, offering advice on how to use worms (somewhat disdainfully because they weren't quite "natural" enough for him) and we all caught fish. ( I still can't believe he used my can of corn and caught something on it. Shoot - I normally just use a kernel out of the can, not the whole stinkin' can!)
I only hope that "Mr. Smith" was okay...we were hauling butt down river when we heard a couple of screams (the fence tangling happened right about then for some reason). Probably cause the poor fellow indeed caught a trout or two in the present of TP and paid the consequences...
Mr. Smith - are you still out there? ::gl::

Hope you don't mind Paul! ;) The truth had to be told…
:D :) :lol: :evil:

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I am Sorry

Yes, Ron is telling the truth..... SOMEWHAT...

He didn't tell you that I ( and this is important) ALWAYS HUSK MY CORN THE NIGHT BEFORE THE FULL MOON. And I didn't hear him say the lable has to be removed before casting. ( We don't Litter) :lol:

Good story there Ron.
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