Fishing Pole Finds It's Way Home

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by Chief, May 31, 2007.

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    A couple of years ago we had a "get-together" with a group of guys from another hunting site at Point of Pines lake on the San Carlos. It was a fun trip and we even caught some fish and made a few new friends. After I got home and started to unpack the truck I noticed my fishing rod & reel was MIA. Last I seen it it was leaning up against a pine tree near our campsite. I wrote it off and never expected to see it again, I was sure some Apache was enjoying it. Got an e-mail from Shane and he said he had it, that was over two years ago. I have been trying to get down to his place to pick it up but never remember to do so, although I passed fairly close to his place on some of my hunting trips. He also seems to be forget things, as he has hunted up on our hillside several times. Got home from my sons house late last night and there it was, sitting on the patio table.

    Thanks Shane for going out of your way.
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    That's cool. Way to go Shane. So, hunters are not that bad after all. Hmmmm hunting, making friends, able to trust other fellow hunters. I guess I knew that. Sounds like a friend in deed.

  3. I would like to take full credit for remembering it this time around on a trip down Chiefs way. However. GOt to give credit where its due. The wife was making me clean out the carport and my shop/shed. It was the only piece of fishing equipment not packed away in my stuff, and I caught a ration for it. And seeing how we were headed tword Chiefs house anyway. I tossed it in the truck, and finally returned it. LOL... When I called CHief to make sure he was going to be around, and or let him know about it. He told me he hasent caught anything since that fatefull day. So I feel bad about inadvertantly holding his lucky pole hostage in a manner for so long. I hope his luck returns. LOL

    I even wiped most of the dust off of it. LOL

  4. Hmmm, I was going to suggest you hadn't caught anything with it and decided it was unlucky so he could have it back..... :D:D
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    I think it's great that Chief got his pole returned. Good friends do that. Way to go Shane.

    Hey Chief... you wouldn't happen to have an extra fishin' pole I can borrow, do ya? LOL.
  6. Slim,

    The fact(s) that I caught nothing on that trip, The #3 daughter caught the biggest fish the whole time we were there had nothing to do with the rescue of Chiefs pole from the Paches. LOL.. I would never take advantage of a situation like that one just to make my luck better. LOL.. Not at all. Nor does the fact that the pole had not caught anything after I rescued it ( except dust bunnies) have anything to do with the timing of the return. LOL Not a thing at all.

    Chief, Next tiem could you wrecklessy abandon a pole with a little more luck in it PLEASE!!.. LOL.....

    Back to reality. I had no idea that I had had it that long. It was just taking up space in the shed. I made it up to CHiefs house several times since I picked it up, and always forgot it. But it finally made its way back home. Now maybe Chief can start catching fish again.

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    Going to hit Parker Lake Monday morning, might even hook up the trailer and spend a few days over there.

    Dan I got an extra pole or two or three meet me over there and I'll loan ya one or two or three.

    I think the rod and reel might be older than most who post here, Slim being excluded. :p
  8. hey, I resemble that remark. I have my 29th bday coming up in a few months. :D