Fishing Season

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by bearfoot1, Oct 15, 2020.

  1. Well, Gee Wiz, finally fishing season is here again, G&F is out stoking our trout waters again, a Bit late, but water is still warm, but not for long, starting to cool down Finally. Happy times again.
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    I’d like to go once more this year but might not be till spring again :(

  3. There's a season for fishing? Geez I've had it all wrong, I thought we could do it all year long! ;) j/k looking forward to getting up there and dipping a line in cold water.
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  4. Read the Regs…..LOL---JK---JOKE----HAHA----
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  5. Fishing with no stockings is like fishing with no worm.
  6. Anyone been to Ashurst lately? Might hit it this weekend.
  7. My girlfriend and I are planning on going to flagstaff on Saturday and we were going to try to hit Ashurst on the way home or we might try oak creek in the morning. Either way I am super excited to get out and fish.
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  8. Nope, Fishing Green Valley Lakes, The Bluegill and Sunfish are on beds for a late spawn, and if not on beds, in very shallow water near shore, was exciting until it got dark, LOL....
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