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  1. Just posted in the intro section but looking for tips on coyote hunting the flagstaff area. Units or areas to try out. Between here and Winslow looks like nice area but AZ sounds to be full of them just about anywhere you go. Any help appreciated. - Zach
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    In a word...YES. :)

  3. Take 1-40 East to Winona exit and head south. You could also take the same exit and head north to leupp road make a right go past 2 bar 3 and hit near the cinders. Also you can head further on I 40 exit at the the casino and head south. I’ve had luck in those areas.
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  4. Welcome!

    I have had really good luck with an e- caller. I have a lucky duck but if I could get another, I'd pick FoxPro
  5. This a Good area, have hunted this area since late 70s when I was at the university, sounds like it still GOOD.