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    Any football fans here? Will the Cardinals finally have a winning season, will the Steelers repeat, will Green Bay put Favre on the bench, will Owens and Bledsoe have a sideline "discussion"?

    Nice thing about being retired I can hunt "n" fish 6 1/2 days a week and take Sundays off to watch football, Life is Good :beer:
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    I'm a football fan. When the wife lets me be. I need a second remote for the TV... :roll:

    I am not a Cardinals fan. It's hard to be a fan of consistent losers. When the Bidwells sell the team (never) I will become a fan.

  3. I am very proud to say that I am a 49ers fan!!! I have been since I was a little kid. Those were the days of Montana, Rice Craig and the punisher Ronnie Lott. Those were the days!!

    Yes, I know. They suck the big egg right now, but I am a fan even when they are losing. I am predicting an 8-8 season this year. They picked up the big man Larry Allen to help protect Alex Smith so we will see what the future holds.
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    My wife is a big Cardinal fan, she bought a nice Cardinals shirt when they came to Arizona, She said she wasn't going to wear it until they got into the Super Bowl, may never get worn.

    I'm not a fan or any one team but enjoy them all. Look forward to Sunday's and Monday nights, we have cold beer, pizza and wings and just enjoy whoever is playing. Steelers and Jaguars this Monday = Jags by 3
  5. Im a big COWBOYS fan. Since I was 8. They should have a decent season this year. However I am a little excited about the RED BIRDS. They overall looked pretty good against SF last Sunday. It was more awsome to see a full house dressed in RED. Not jumping on the Cards band wagon but will root for the home team except when they play the COWBOYS..LOL

    Farve is done. No repeat for the Steelers. Seahawks have potential.
  6. I must admit....

    I'm a Cardinals fan...

    I hope they can at least finish above 500 this year.
  7. Football is the only sport I will watch during the season, don't really care for baseball and only watch basketball when the playoffs are happening. I don't have a team I root for, maybe the Bronco's, they were the closest team growing up in Wy.
  8. Well wk 2 treated me pretty good, out of my 14 picks i picked 9 winners that i bet on, and a few others that i didnt. i hope next wk treats me this good. who were you all looking at to win tonight? i went with the jags and to be honest i was alittle worried but they did me right.
  9. I am a New England fan. Looks like they squeaked out a couple wins already... 8)

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    Re: I must admit....

    Just thought I'd rub it in a little :wink: I'm going to start a petition to change their name from the "Arizona Cardinals" back to the "Phoenix Cardinals". Hate for the entire state to carry the burden :D