For sale '03 springfield

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  1. For sale: Mod. 1903 springfield 30-06 with case,sling,detachable swivels. dies, reloading equipment, 200 rnds match brass, 400 rnds ammo, misc. powder, bullets, primers, etc. With 3x9 scope. As a pkg. $550.00
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    Have any pictures? A picture is worth... $550.00 maybe. :)
    Don't know where you are located. You could fill that in on your PROFILE in the User CP.
    Maybe we can get to know ya.
    it looks like this is your first post so here is a Welcome to ya.

    Just some helpful hints.

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  3. I have seen this posted on the other 2 sites we hit the most.

    Good deal with all the ammo and reloading gear.
  4. 30-06

    Thank you for the welcome. I have no pics nor camera. I am in Flagstaff.
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    I'm both amused and baffled at just how many different user names a fellar can come up with on these forums. :rolleyes:

    Many of you may know Leatherstocking as someone else. When he decides to disclose his identity, I'm sure he will let everyone know.

    :welcome: to the forum... ye ol'Leatherstocking.