For Sale Marlin .357/38 trapper

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  1. Been collecting dust in my gun case to long. Needs a good home where it can play. Excellent lightweight saddle gun.

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    Pictures and an asking price will generally help when added to a post... :wink:

    So, what's the asking price?

  3. Chief

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    If'n I bought a 357 lever gun, I had to buy a 357 SA Revolver, re-loading dies, then the leather for the rifle and revolver, then the horse, more leather for the horse, have to built a barn and corral, pretty damn expensive rifle, think I'll pass on this deal :lol:
  4. Dave Price

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    Ive been looking for awhile! let me know!
  5. Sorry guys,

    Been out chasing turkeys with the daughter ( couple of days off work). Then someone went and upgraded this place and I couldnt find anything, not to mention the fact my computer and modem are not communicating right now. So the only place I can get on right now is at work. Let me find my note pad , and I will get back on here as time and call volume allows today with a price. As for pics I will either have to mail them, or wait until I get the computer fixed.

  6. Its still for sale. however I already have one person interested. I will let you know if he dosent take it.


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  7. Dave Price

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    Thanks Shane! I Love the rifle. Now.........

    If anyone has a horse?

  8. drprice,

    I hope it has a good long life with you. It was feeling kind of ignored in my safe. :)

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    What's that about a horse?