Forest Fires?

Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by Desert Rat, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. Doesn't fire season typically start in April? I haven't heard of any yet this year - maybe it will be a quiet season.
  2. As of abotu an hour ago we have one on top of the Santa Ritas. There haev been a few in the Huachucas already. Yep its already starting and should be a bad year for fires unless we get some moisture. Lots of fuels out there, and they are all dry. Fuel humidity is 0 to -4 right now. That means flash fires and lower limits for red flag days.

    Make sure you have a buffer zone around your houses if you are anywhere close to any fuels. 30 feet is reccomended, but I would go a little farther if your in the trees.


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    We had one just a week or so ago, in the canyon on our north side. Didn't burn much and they got it under control in a hurry. The Huachuca's are always one of the hardest hit areas. In 1977 I sat on our roof top all night with hose in hand putting out ambers as they hit the roof. We had to evacuate a few years ago because of one of them. Think it's going to be a bad year down here, forest is parched and the least little spark coupled with the high winds we been having and it will be bad.
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    The Wild Fire up at Payson is right were I am going Turkey Hunting this weekend.:frusty: So when I heard they saw the fire it was small and today it grew to 2000 aecers.:frusty:

    So I hope it is put out by Tuesday. :mad:
  5. sorry to hear it tallpaul i hope they get it taken care of. and that you can get your turkey tag filled :lol2: you need to man i only know 3 poeple that have this year :( it total sucks come on buddy get a turkey!!!!! good luck. watch those fires and keep your ears open for those gobbles :hahaha:
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    We've had smoke from the Payson fire looming over northeastern AZ all day.

    Paul, you're turkey may already be cooked for you. Hope it works out where you can still hunt.
  7. We had one yesterday by Lake Mary started by a campfire, but the knocked it down quick.........gonna be a bad year.
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    AZ~Thunder, :lol2:

    I think you may be right. So if I find one cooked and ready to eat, do I have to Tag it?
  9. GGGGGrrrr i didnt just read that now!!!did i or did you forget to say that you WOULD TAG IT *cough* :lol2: :frusty: remember i do also work with the G&F lol *cough* i have Reg 3 number in my cell plus this one 1-800-352-0700 everyone should have that 800 # in there cell phone i hope you do at least during hunting season
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    Whats the latist word on the Payson Fire? I am sneaking online at work.

    Maybe I'll be picking up Smoke Turkey!