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    Folks, there’s been a lot of discussion among the AHT Staff lately regarding “forum conduct”. Various Staff members have contacted a few members by PM’s and have requested those individuals to tone down their actions. Seemingly, some of these individuals are not getting the message. The entire Staff here at AHT believes we run the VERY BEST outdoorsman online discussion board in the State and we have never ruled with “iron fists”, but... if behaviors here do not change, and soon, we’re going to start issuing membership bans.

    I ask everyone to please refresh yourself by reading our Forum Guidlines, which are posted in the Sticky section of our Welcome & Orientation forum. Our current belief is that if someone’s politically charged rants outnumber his hunting/fishing/outdoor posts, he is a troll - plain and simple. We are a group of mostly adults here, and we do not wish to babysit our members. Be advised that behaviors such as trolling and enticing controversy will not be tolerated and any continued action as such is NOT going to be tolerated. “Proceed with caution” is the take home message here.

    Have a good day... and Happy Trails!
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