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    Dan and Red designed the logo, there is no trade mark or copyright on it. It is not and never was owned by Outdoor Hub, it was designed before Outdoor Hub came along. Dan may feel differently (I guess he is really the "owner" of the logo), but I don't really see a need for getting any other approval for this if Dan is onboard.
  2. Fully agree that there really does not seem to be a "trademark" issue if anyone was to use this directly-without approval. But no real issue in trying to gain it first and see what happens. Always push back and show no copyright marks on anything...but, why not try to gain first and then push if needed...worse case, we remove the ArizonaHuntingForums.Com aspect and move on...

  3. my 2C WORTH... The AHT logo by itself is fine with me, would rather have that anyway, Just copy the example already posted on this public forum and have at it. We are not a private forum, anyone can join, so why not expand our memberships if we can without infringement problems. Nothing against anyone and I appreciate Dans input, but its just starting again something that was already been done and with no trademark in place thats all it is. Dont want to hire a lawyer to figure this out, or step on anyones toes, Just want a new hat from a forum I like to be a member off. Leave the .COM part out, we can all explain the logo to anyone interested in what it means. I already have a copy of the emblem by post and paste, copy of example posted, Cant we just go to hat making company, show them the Pic, say we want it within a 3 in circle, and have them put it in there threading machine and embroider away. Not trying to make a penny on anything, sell them at cost plus shipping, ect. ?
  4. Agree--not going to make a penny on this, if it is me that is able to get the information, and no reason to make this difficult. I am going to get the disk (believe others are as well) and will get that to a few places to quote. The vendor that I was working with can only do decal things--not good on a hat, I think. It is not going to be a quick process...but will keep at it
  5. You really dont need the disk, just go back thru the posts, paste and print copy of pic, take that in, Im sure they can figure it out, Maybe 6x6 on decal, anything smaller you wont be able to read unless your 10 ft away, at least my eyes.
  6. Which logo are we trying to use? The one on the right or left?
    AHT logo.jpg
  7. This one without the name spelled out I believe.
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    I see no issue why .com can't be used? All I've asked is to see what will be printed.