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  1. And heres a sample of my printer: Prices about the same, no 3x3, but can get 8.5x11. GetAttachmentThumbnail.jpg
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  2. I love the camo look...I was told the cost would be higher to get camo and you have the .com aspect. Like it!!

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    For just the decals, I like the sample on the right. It captures the old Arizona Hunting Today logo name and it also correctly lists the address. It is this example that I would suggest forwarding to Brian for approval.

    As per rk’s mention of the kerfuffle in ordering and shipping, it did get a little overwhelming at times, I’m just not sure a “royal pain in the arse” is an accurate description. I mailed out our decals in flat document mailers, which wasn’t a hassle at all, and 1st Class postage wasn’t but a buck and small change. The hats were shipped in the small cube-sized Priority Mail boxes, and they were something like $5.45 each, but that also bought me the tracking information, which confirmed delivery date/times per each recipient. Keeping track of all that got a little cumbersome, at times, but overall, I’d say it wasn’t as bad as it all seemed back then.

    For hats, I’d suggest the emblem logo of AHT be kept on top and just ArizonaHuntingToday underneath. If folks ask about the logo, the person wearing the hat can inform them about our hunt forums and tell them the actual web address, or - they can find themselves here, as was mentioned by doing a simple web search.

    So, am I getting this correct, decals are an easy endeavor, but finding a hat supplier who can embroider is currently a dead end??
  4. For my are correct--the hat effort is way too much work for me to undertake. The window stickers is less of a risk in cost and volume and "easier" to manage.
  5. I agree, Hat people want to much money for set up, design, manufacturing and then there's shipping. Ive got a VERY Busy business, dont need another. Im out of hat ordering. Some of these retired guys have the time, let them. Oh, as far as the Ok from Brian, Ive got his OK on the Decals Im having done.
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  6. Can I get permission to have my own hat made with the decal listed above... I would like to rep the Forum in this way.. thanks
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    I’m ok with that. As long as there’s no profitable outcomes realized.
  8. Understood... selfishly the hat is just for me... much appreciated
  9. Camo decals coming to Rabbit camp, 5x7 camo, $15.00.