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  1. Now you know what I put up with, every one wants exceptions to color, size, style, brim, What have you. Let them do it. GUYS live with it, or do it YOURSELF !!!!!!!!!!!!
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  2. @5footshotgroup @TBar87 @RickyG I got the okay from Bear to make a new thread. I'll work on compiling some styles, colors and brands and post that up in the next day or so. Then we can narrow it down from there.

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    bearfoot1, beyond our original hat/decal order, now you know why I never got involved in Round 2. I honestly don’t know how places like Cabelas, Bass Pro & Sportsman Warehouse can remotely keep up with a product line that pleases every appetite.
  4. So true Dan, But the big box stores put there product lines out for bid, thus large orders, alot cheaper buy point, thus cheaper sell point.

    And they probably dont please everyone then, but I believe their attitude is buy what we have or go elsewhere.
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  5. Just came across this... Any hats/ decals still available?
  6. Occasionally hats come up and are given away in rigged photo contests.

    I was lucky enough to get a decal awhile back from a member. Its on the back of my camper so when junk falls off people here know I am broke and dont hold it against me
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  7. at least the rules were fair in the rigged contest ;-)
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    Sounds like someone was expecting a participation award!

  9. YES---everyone should get