Forum Hats and Decals

Discussion in 'AHT Announcements & Forum Events' started by AZ~ThunderDan, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. In the meantime i've received a rough cost quote and most likely it will be 15$/hat + shipping depending on the logo and how many colors are in it, as well as if the hats are camo or plain.I can also skip shipping and just bring them out to squirrel camp? IDK let me know your guys thoughts on the camo or plain.

  2. Personally, I hate the hats that hug your head and don't have the normal crown on them, if that makes a diff...
  3. Camo, and squirrel camp would be a good starting point, Ill buy several.
  4. Have not heard back on the logo....sorry.
  5. Admin

    Admin Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Hi there - could there be a preview on how they would be done? Can get you the approval needed.
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