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    I still have one of the original AHT stickers on the back window of my truck.
  2. HAHAHA - you're right.....but let's keep it quiet....too many people are starting to notice. Hunted 24 of the last 37 days!
    Now I remember the sticker, thanks @Ramspeed.....I'm not really a sticker guy.....too OCD, placement never looks right to me.
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  3. I got a cut out one on my Dodge Ram, and one full size on dump trailer rear doors.
  4. You should of seen me with the guy putting decals/stickers on my work van. Talk about OCD. Poor guy was here for hours.
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  5. Is this still a live site? Can I buy the blaze orange S/M with logo still?
  6. @Buster Yessir, still running!
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  7. I just received my order. Great job. Thanks
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  8. Might be a long shot, but looking to see if the hats are still available. Maybe prizes for the dove contest?!
  9. Sadly no, the member who got them got a new job. @Ramspeed got the last hat made, which is still sitting in my apt, unopened. taking up room. Lol
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