Free "true" GPS for Hunters w/ SmartPhones

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  1. Trimble GPS Hunt (for iPhone and Android) is available to you absolutely free. I have been using this app for several days now and its very cool. Its a true GPS, uses the GPS chip in your phone, does not require cellular signal or WiFi to be active, uses satellites in order to do its job.....your phone becomes a true GPS. example:

    I arrived at my hunting spot, pulled out my iPhone (with a fully charged battery) and asked Trimble Hunt to capture my parking place as a waypoint. My co-ordinates of my starting point is now known, so off hunting I do go, with the phone in my pocket.
    An hour later, after wandering here and there (having fully lost track of where I parked my car), I pull out my phone, capture my current position as a waypoint and ask Trimble GPS Hunt to draw a line from where I am to where I started. the line appears in bright green with a blue arrow telling me exactly which way to go to get back - it can't get easier than that, and its frick'n free.
    Here is the best part, Trimble GPS Hunt has all topo maps for the state of Arizona, built into it to you can capture exactly where you are/went and want go back to someday. You entire adventure for the day can be saved as a "trip" (which means you will always know exactly how to get to and from your favorite hunting hotspot.)

    Go to you browser, type in "Trimble GPS Hunt"

    Trimble Navigation offers more expensive applications with considerable features. goto
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  2. Nice, thanks for sharing.

  3. Tony, what do you aviate? I held an instrument rating for many years until my medical was pulled after a cardiac episode, i miss it very much. Arizona meterology looks inviting but i have a notion it can be difficult?
  4. Thanks for sharing that info on Trimble GPS. Will ck it out.
  5. Hey Sam, I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your medical. It can be a challenge to keep it sometimes. I too, have had a few times were my medical lapsed until I was cleared to be "healthy" once again. Anyway, I currently hold a fixed wing certificate for private pilot, commercial pilot, and an instrument rating. I'm starting the multi-engine rating in a few days and the certified flight instructor rating in January.

    As for aviation meteorology, I believe that it takes time to fully comprehend what is going on but it shouldn't be difficult to someone who is willing to donate their time to it.
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  6. I've tried the Hunt by OnXMaps and I can say that their maps are very accurate too.
  7. This sounds great, I will check it out. Thanks for the info.
  8. I have been using back country navigator on my phone. It has great maps. There is a free version but I liked it so I sprung the one time fee of 10 bucks for the pro version to support them.

    The only problem I have with it is when hunting my battery never lasts very long.

    Turn on airplane mode so your phone isn't constantly searching for signal and eating your battery.
    I still have battery issues though. So I always take my garmin too
  9. That’s the problem for me with all these maps...I can walk farther then the battery lasts lol