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  1. Just in case those with tags don't get email updates from AZGFD:

    [​IMG]Unit 10 hunting access on private ranch preserved during wind farm construction

    July 29, 2011

    For worker safety, new access agreement limits all hunting on ranch to archery-only
    All hunters, including those firearm permit-tag holders that wish to hunt on the private lands on the Perrin Ranch within Game Management Unit 10 will be restricted to using archery-only equipment for all hunts for the 2011 season. This is for the safety of construction workers during the installation of a wind farm on the ranch, and in an effort to preserve the privilege to hunt these private lands.
    “We are very happy that we were able to work cooperatively with the owners of the Perrin Ranch, and the renewable energy company to preserve the privilege to hunt on the ranch during the construction and new use of their lands,” said Ron Sieg, Flagstaff regional supervisor with Arizona Game and Fish Department. “Because of the safety concern for workers, restricting hunters to archery-only is a winning compromise compared to completely losing the privilege to hunt on these private lands.”
    For those rifle tag holders and general hunters who do not want to hunt with a bow and arrow, the 64,000-acre ranch makes up a very small portion of the vast 770,000 acres in Game Management Unit 10. The rest of Unit 10 is open for the use of the appropriate legal weapon permitted for that hunt.
    The rifle, firearm, muzzleloader hunts in Unit 10 during the fall 2011 season include:
    • Antelope, pronghorn – Sept. 2-11
    • Deer – Oct. 21-30
    • Elk, bull – Sept. 23-29
    • Elk, cow – Oct. 14-20
    • Elk, bull – Nov. 25-Dec. 1
    • Elk, cow – Dec 2-11
    • Coyote, prairie dog, small game, etc. – seasons vary
    General hunters and those with rifle permit-tags can still use a firearm in Unit 10, just not on the Perrin Ranch. To be permitted to hunt on the ranch's private lands, sportsmen will need to keep their firearm in their vehicles and hunt with a bow and arrow.
    “Given the many renewable energy projects coming to Arizona, we see this agreement as an accomplishment to maintain hunter access, albeit limited to archery, and a milestone for handing these multiple land use projects in the future,” added Sieg.
    Early discussions with the ranch owner and the wind farm operator indicate that hunter access with the use of firearms will be allowed next season; however, there will remain a quarter-mile restrictions relative to any new and existing occupied structures on the ranch.
    As more renewable energy projects come to Arizona's landscape, it is imperative that all parties: landowners, energy developers, and Game and Fish, come to the table early in the process to address everyone's interests and needs. In cases of development on private lands, hunting access is a privilege; however, loss of access, as was the case in another project, can be detrimental to wildlife management and to the public's enjoyment of their wildlife resources. The Department will work diligently to preserve access to wildlife recreation opportunities in the future.
    Perrin Ranch
    The Perrin Ranch is located north of Williams, Ariz., west of Highway 64, in the southeast corner of Game Management Unit 10. The southeast corner of the ranch starts near the intersection of Espee Road and Highway 64. The ranch consists of approximately 64,000 acres of the 770,000 acres of Unit 10.
    About the wind farm
    The wind farm will include 62 wind turbines, several buildings, and 35 miles of roads.The initial construction is underway. NextEra has a power agreement with APS to deliver power by the end of December 2011, therefore the construction is expected to be completed by the close of 2011.
    About Game Management Unit 10
    Unit 10 is a mix of flat to rolling grassland prairie and rolling to mountainous pinyon-juniper and ponderosa pine-Gambel oak habitat types. The Grand Canyon and Cataract Canyon form a truly spectacular northern and northeastern boundaries. At the unit's north end, elevations range from less than 2,000 feet along the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon National Park to more than 7,600' on the Three Sisters just northwest of Williams in the southeastern part of the unit. Elevations run from approximately 5,500' to 7,000' across most of the unit, which is well known for its trophy-class elk and pronghorn antelope.
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