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  1. So question for you all? Putting my cameras out this weekend. But I dont have a computer so I will be downloading the pics to my phone in the woods when I check the cams later. Any one use any of those card readers that plug into your android phone and have a reccomondation on a good one? Thanks in advance.
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    I have this and it works:


  3. I got one from wal mart, works fine

  4. Thank you, ill have to grab one.
  5. My old pocket sized digital camera with a card would let you look at them. I don't remember if they would download them or not..
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    Thats how I do it, can’t download but you can sneak a peek. I have extra cards, swap them and download later
  7. Bought an OTG adapter for my mother in law. Technically challenged. She can view them on her phone or fire tablet. But the cameras are in her backyard LOL
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