Get Paid to Catch Brown Trout at Glen Canyon Dam Beginning Nov 11th

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  1. Dang! 105 in a row. That is a great run, Alaska must have been awesome back then. What other species did you catch up there?
  2. Pike, lake trout, char, burbot (best eating of all), sheefish, whitefish. Grayling are kind of the sunfish of Alaska, first ones you fish far at ice out and always available if you have a spinner or fly ready to hit the water. Pike were the most fun. I've caught pike that were over 40" long that had teeth marks on them from larger pike. When pike go into a feeding frenzy, you don't even want to put your hand in the water. We actually had them strike the propeller on the motor while trolling. Sheefish are also a blast to catch. They're like tarpon and like to tail walk on top of the water.

  3. Whats a SHEEFISH ?" Have caught Large pike over 40" in Canada, they are ferocious to say the least under the right circumstances. Just a PITA to clean on remove Y-Bone, but worth it.
  4. The sheefish's Athabascan name is "inconnu" and it's the largest member of the whitefish family. They are great fighters and great on the table.

    Pike are great fighters and never give up, even after you get them in the boat. You have to watch those teeth. I had a friend in Alaska that used to shoot the bigger ones before he'd put them in the boat. We were fishing one day and he horsed one in that weighed over 20 pounds rather than letting it play out. We were using heavy tackle with steel leaders and he horsed it in like a bass, flipped it over into the boat, and put his foot on it to remove the hook. The pike wiggled out from under his foot, flipped around and latched on to his calf. We had to cut the pike's lower jaw off to get him loose. After that, Butch started shooting the big ones before putting them in the boat. So much for catch and release. Smoked pike is great.
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  5. I had never heard of a sheefish either. Giant whitefish. Very cool. I need to get up north sometime.
  6. I will be freezing my butt off at Lee’s Ferry in a few days. I will just pretend I am up north during that.
  7. Ive had whitefish, Its one of my Favorites.

    We use to have a short Bat or club,, couple of whacks on back of head works good, Dont like holes in Bottom of boat from gunshot, alot safer with a club. Drill a hole in end, weight that end seal it up, a whole lot better.
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  8. Butch would shoot them before putting them in the boat. He lost more than one Daredevil along with the pike doing that.