Get Paid to Catch Brown Trout at Glen Canyon Dam Beginning Nov 11th

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  1. Couple of more pics from the Ferry. Super neat place. 5C6E710F-7ED0-4F58-8212-39B341E0CBA8.jpeg B1E32B26-F9A3-4AC0-9962-ACBD03028517.jpeg

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  2. Good morning to all-
    Terry- You have surely flung a cravin' on me with your account of trip to Lee's Ferry. I am thinking that when the vaccine comes out and the world starts to assume normalcy, it would be very good idea for me to load up and run out to see grandkids, eat some good Mexican food, look at mountains and saguaro, hopefully meet some AHT brothers. and take a run up to Lee's Ferry.
    How did the kayaks work on the river? I would just natural-born have to bring at least one kayak and all of my fly fishing gear with me...and I wouldn't even insist on getting paid for catching some brown trout...but I'd take the money and run if it were offered.
    I might even run up to the Payson rim and look at Tonto Creek again- but I hear there are some rough old Bears up there from time to time.

    good day to all- Ed
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  3. ED, Rough Ol Bears, Naw, Just Teddy Bears, Thats all.
  4. Ed, the kayaks were fine. I actually took my solo pack canoe and my buddies took kayaks. We spent 2 nights camping in the designated camping areas. Only one or two other campsites were occupied in each campground. The only way up to the dam is to hire a boat to haul your kayak up. They will take you 15 miles up if that’s what you want. I would say figure 2 to 3 miles an hour coming back down. The fishing is neat, but not great numbers. The rim would get you more fish, but the canyon is stunning. We used “kayak the Colorado” for the boat. It is called a back haul. I will post a few more pics to help motivate you BB4A284A-8D28-41D1-9AC4-EFAC30842D30.jpeg 7A0171ED-6ACD-437B-9C23-F8B035B653FC.jpeg 55325F93-70CC-41A1-912E-759343B022D2.jpeg

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