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    Well, as most of you have read, the latest Get-Together was successful, and very much enjoyed by all who attended. A plan began to gel while we batted ideas around, whereby the Forum would have at least 4 GTGs a year, with maybe an extra one or two thrown in for good measure.

    The guys' plan right now is to have one in each season, and to try to move them around somewhat, so it's not always the same people doing the travelling.

    A LOT of work and planning (none by me) made this GTG a hit, and your entertainment committee (TallPaul, cochise, chief, drpice, MrHunter, AzDutchman) have lots of cool ideas. :cool:

    We have all said before that we want to be a little different than the other AZ sites. I thinking having a fairly "regular" cycle of get-togethers is a fantastic idea! That way if people can't make one, they will always know that there is another one coming up.

    So, all this to say - if you have some ideas for a gathering - speak up! If you are willing to help plan/organize/execute (no, not kill) then speak up. If you didn't make this GTG, make plans for the next one. You really, really don't know what you're missing!
  2. I agree DR. But is there a forum on this site advertising the get-togethers?

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    That post is from 2007. D-Rat doesn't come here any far as I know.
  4. Just go to the category that you'd want to hunt in ( small game if you want to set up a rabbit or squirrel get together, or birds for a quail hunt) and post that you want to meet up.
  5. Just as Norse said, I tried to get a Squirrel camp together this last Oct, 30-35 members said ya Ill come, we got 3, so It was still fun and one of the guys got his first tree rat and a limit. Its alot of work for one person to try to put it on, need a committee would help.
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  6. Hey Bearfoot...and someone (ME!!!!!) got their first fox ;-)
  7. And Steve came back into camp after looking to bag a few squirrels, Was carrying his first fox, smiling ear to ear. Very Proud moment for him and us. PS- Dont let him clean your squirrels, couldnt identify what it was when he was done, HAHA. Steve is great to camp with, you never know what will happen, from scopes to squirrels to cinnamon something you drink. LOL.....
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  8. LOL...will have to agree...newbies--camp would not be camp without them (me) ;-)

    I blame the knife on the cleaning of the squirrel. Had I had a better knife. Oh wait, it was the sun, yea, that's it...the sun was in my eyes. Oh wait, it was the wind...yea, that's it...
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