Ghillie Suit ?

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  1. Anybody have a good source for a reasonable ghillie suit? I'm debating trying to make one myself.
    I'm also looking for a camo roll that I can spread out, prop up, whatever - just to make up use
    for lack of ground blind materials.
    Any ideas would be appreciated Thanks
  2. Get in touch with AZSlim. I know he uses a ghillie and he also uses the camo material as a blind. He should be able to help you out.

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    Ron, you can go to some of the fabric stores and buy it by the yard. You may have to check a few because they all carry diffrent patterns and colors. Even Wally World has some. You can check online Like JoAnn's.
    I don't know about the ghillie suit.
  4. I bought my ghillie thru Cabela's. It is the Rancho Safari brand. I bought the leggings too but don't know that you really need them. I do wear them when still hunting but don't when sitting in a stand. I picked up the strip of camo burlap at WalMart a few years ago. Pretty sure you can get it at Sportsman's Warehouse too, I know a friend got some there last year.
  5. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the tips. Should be enough to get me going.
  6. You know what guys? I went out to the SW last night and priced some of the items I thought I'd need.
    Due to some rather odd things happening lately (when it rains it pours) I really don't have much $$ to spend, and
    most of the items up there simply aren't going to be purchased by me any time soon.
    I got to thinking a little bit, and have decided to do this hunt as old school as possible. I've found some sites on the
    net that show how to make a Ghillie suit out of burlap and may give that a try. I've also found sources for making a scent wash out of common household materials that I'll try as well to keep my scent down. I figure with a little creativity I should be able to come up with a workable solution.
    Not trying to start anything here at all, but a lot of animals have been bagged many years before me, and they didn't have all the stuff available to them that's on the market today. I figure I can do as well, or at least learn a whole bunch..
  7. You can make your own cover scents real cheap and easy. If you are hunting the desert then strip some creosote leaves off a few bushes and boil them up and pour in a spray bottle, in the pine country pick a plant that is fairly common. You can use pine needles but they tend to make a sticky solution. I have a friend that has used diluted pine cleaner, like Pinesol, just a capful in a bottle of water. A simple scent eliminator can be made with baking soda and water. Either Outdoor Life or Feild & Stream put out a recipe for a scent eliminator in the last issue that used more ingredients, if I can find it I will post it. I also wear Savannah Scent-Lok gear and that's one I can't come up with a home version of. One thing that helps with scent is chlorophyl pills. You can pick these up at health food stores and you need to start them a week or so before you plan on hunting.
  8. Thanks for the tips Slim!
    I saw the recipe in one of the mags as well, but I think I already tossed it.