Gilbert Archery range?

Discussion in 'Archers Lodge' started by Jaybee, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Anybody know of a place close around Gilbert to shoot. I just got my bow down here from nebraska this year and plan on archery hunting this year. Haven't shot in awhile and want to get plenty of practice incase i somehow get a shot.
  2. Desert Rat

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    Usery Pass has a nice outdoor range - targets, 3D, the whole shebang

    Take Ellsworth north til you see the mountain with the "P" on it...

  3. Thanks, I have heard of that one never been there. Its tough to practice, the longest shot i can get our of my yard is probably only 20 feet or so. Would be nice if there was somewhere closer that i could practice farther out.
  4. TallPaul

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    Jaybee, This might help you out some.

    Here are the remaining Usery Mtn 3-D shoots for the year.

    October 7th & 8th Fall Fiesta 3-D
    November 12th Ham & Turkey Shoot (40 Targets)
    November 26th 40 Taget 3-D
    December 10th Deer & Javalina Warm-up (40 Targets)

    This info came from JoshO from another site. Hope you don't mind JoshO. I am not a Bow Hunter so I won't get in your way.