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  1. A golfer friend of mine told me this - A muley buck was in a water hazard at the local golf course. Three coyote were laying around the fairway waiting for the deer to either tire or try to come out. Nice target of opportunity for the coyotes. One of the golf hands chased the coyotes off after a while.

    So this past Sunday, I decide to try and locate these critters. It was windy as all get out. But gave it a try anyway. Made a few stands about 2 miles from the golf course with no luck. I was using my home-made e-caller. Didn't see anyhting all morning. No quail, rabbits, nada. Later that afternoon, went with some buds to 37B as they were bow hunting. Saw 1 quail, 3 doe. It was nice to get out, though
  2. sounds like the yotes down in Green valley, only they were waiting on the golfers. Game and Fish killed about 15 of the yotes after they chewed on about 20 people. This was last month. The whole thing happened over about 14 days. Gmae and fish routh in the big contract guy to take out the yotes. One of the guys at one of our other stations told me he got a look at this fellows gun. and was pretty impressed. had night optics on it and a big silencer. he was hunting them at night.

    Our engineer came up with a scenario that actually sounded kind of feasible. He thougt someone was putting yote in heat urine in peoples yards. Kind fo stange but actually makes sence, That and there have to be folks feeding them. But still that many attacks by that many yotes, in that short of a time frame. And none fo them tested positive for rabies. So No telling.

    Good luck on whacking those yotes. Next time take a bow and get a little closer tot he course. The ones down in the valley have dens right off the greens. They dont leave the area around the course. Way to many rabbits and other edibles close by. And you will probably get into some bob cats also. There are a pleathera of them down in the valley also. cause all the people down there have bird feeders for the quail and dove. LOL.. One of these days I will get out down there, and whack a few.


  3. Night vison scope...

    There are a lot of folks here who feed the dove and quail. This past summer we had a bobcat in our back yard with a dove. There are lots of coyotes in the CDO wash. We are maybe 200 yards from it, so we can hear them howling all the time. Maybe I should go down there and practice my calling. I was just given an old PSE Nova yesterday. Maybe I can accidently lose an arrow. :lol:
    Actually, the bow needs new cables and I have to adjust the draw & pull before I use it.

  4. I guess when your the contract guy for the G&F and have to work around loads of folks who may or may not want you to be there, thats about the easiest way. Do you job when they are sleeping, and noone will know the difference. I dont know if hes the " government trapper" or what exactly his title is. Just hearsay from the other folks who talked to him. But those who were talking to him know their firearms. and neither of them recognised the make or model, and did not get to see the barrel enough to estimate the caliber. But I would guess it was in the .17-.22 family. and probably a custom make. And I know from what we were told during all of this that he was taking several yotes. And they were keeping the district somewhat in the loop as we were the ones getting the 911 calls and treating the bite wounds. At one point while one of our engines was working on one patient, the G&F guy, showed up, while all of this was going on, another person got bit about 5 houses down. Needless to say that yote did not exit the area fast enough. And the next day they had another bite in the same housing development. So it wasent the same yote. Either way, after the numbers of yotes dropped the " attacks" stopped. so however they did it they recitfied the problem.
  5. azcat,

    There is a good reliable archery shop that I use down in Tucson . Called Shooters Edge. its on 29th just east of Swan. right next door the The Marksman. best service both customer and equipment wise I have ever had. Been taking all of my stuff to him for about 5 years. hes an excellent bow mechanic, and makes some awesome custom strings. Only takes about 10-12 shots to get them fully stretched, and set up. And on top of that all of the folks working in there are hunters, and just nice folks. Very easy to end up staying and chatting way longer then you had planned. LOL
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    Nice picture azcat! The only pictures I have of bobcats are dead ones. Hope to get some "live" photos when we take our trip in January.
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    Man what a great picture. Don't know how I missed this one. Right in your yard! Great. One of these days I'll have one in my living room. :lol: