Good luck & good Hunting to all!

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  1. Here we go again everyone! :lol:
    Oh Yeah! The rut hunt Baby! (hopefully....even with the lack of weather!)
    Let's all be safe and let's get em in the bag! 8)
    Good luck & Good hunting to all!
    Be safe and come home to the ones you love! :D
    Let's see those pic's and here the AWESOME stories! :wink:
  2. Good luck to you also.
    Do you ever hunt around Queen Valley? I used to hunt that about 20 years ago.

  3. Do the letters I get from NASA about cluttering space up with my arrows count??

    Better eyt I will tell the story now so I dont have to later after it happens.

    There I was, after glassing this bedded coues from 2 counties over. I made a 3 hour trek to get to where he is bedded. Its 1400 hrs. and I've already watched him get up and turn around in his bed, so he aint going nowhere for the next 3 hours. The doe hes chasing has done likewise. Now here I sit within 100 yards of where they are supposed to be. I havent been able to see the tree their bedded under for about the last 45 minutes of the stalk. However I can see all the escape routes, and nothing has moved in them. So I know they are still there. Slowly I move from tree to tree, and bush to bush, and grass blade to grass blade. Of course both of them are in the perfect spot for a stalk. Bedded underneath the up side of a mesquite thats about 40 feet below the ridge line, and the wind is up hill about 7mph.
    Now slowly ever so slowly I peek over the top of the ridge from behind a clump of bear grass. And YES there he is still sleeping, right under the tree where hes supposed to be. I nock an arrow and slowly ever so slowly become one with the clump of bear grass. My stabilizer provides the break in the grass clump I need to shoot through. The doe is still looking down the mountain. I finally get into position.. Draw the bow. My 40 yard pin hovers over his exposed thorax like a wolf over a new born sheep. I reach up and ever so softly place my finger on the release. I take a deep breath, and ever so slowly exhale. The 40 yard pin is burning a hole in his side. I hit the middle of my exhale and start squeezing the trigger. I feel the bow release. PERFECT!!!!! The bow falls away and into my wrist sling as its supposed to do. Everything about the shot felt prefect. The breeze is still in my face, as I watch the arrow careen off into space. A COMPLETE PASS THROUGH GREAT DAY OH GREAT DAY!!! There is an explosion of animal as the buck and doe exit the county faster then the $25 312fps arrow I just donated to NASA. I shake my hands and start getting excited about tagging my first archery coues.
    I approach the tree, and no sign is located. no Blood, NO hair, No dead buck.. No wait. there it is. a branch thats been cut. But no wait !! Thats way to high to have been cut on a pass through, and there is no blood on it. Now why would the arrow hit that high? A quick look around with the binos catches the buck and doe topping out through a saddle over 1000 yards away. The buck totally unscathed.

    Oh great I did it again. But how this time. oh yea the old 40 yard pin again.

    One of these days I will remember that 40 feet at a 30% angle does not equal using the 40 yard pin, nor does 20 feet on level ground nessessitate the need to use the 60 yard pin.

    So there you have my story. And thats my story and I'm sticking to it. Just please dont tell my wife the arrows cost about $25 each, or I might lose my allowance.
  4. Now Shane........that's some funny s*%^ right there, I don't care who ya are! I feel your pain brother. Have done exactly the same thing!
  5. Maniac,
    Yes, That's where I'm going Fri. I can't afford the trip to 23 like I was planning, so I'm keeping it closer to home. Got a date with a big desert muly that I missed last year!