Got a new dog!

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  1. I was fortunate enough to pick up a 5 year old spayed GSP. The man who owned her is going through rather
    serious health issues and couldn't get out in the field enough. She is extremely obedient and is slowing getting used to her new home. I have another spayed GSP who is about 1 1/2 years old that I'm still training. She's getting close but needs a bit more work before I'll trust her out in the field.

    Here is Coco (darker one), Farley, and my son Zachary.




    Coco is a bit over weight right now, but I'll give her plenty of exercise to help get her ready for the quail opener.
    I'll probably hunt with her fairly lightly until she gets into better shape - I don't want her to get too sore or otherwise injured.
    Anyone want to go quail hunting? :)
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    Nice looking dogs. The last picture reminds me of why we humans have names instead of.........

  3. Chief

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    Sure do look good, you'll be needing to bring them down this away come quail season :lol: We have had GSP in the past and maybe one day I'll have one again. They are my first choice when it comes to hunting dogs.
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    Dutchman, Quail Hunting? Two dogs?.... :) I think Oct. 13 is the opener. :D
    Good looking dogs there buddy. great photo's. Your son is looking eagar to go.
    I think I could make a Quail Hunt with you. :mrgreen:

    Thanks again Ron for the post.

  5. Boy...let the fighting begin.
    anyone got any ideas for me? My female (Farley, the lighter one) doesn't much care for the new dog.
    She's pretty jealous, while the other dog really doesn't want too much to do with Farley.
    I've tried introducing them on check cords just walking around the yard, and last night cut them loose.
    A short spat and they were done. Tonight, did the same thing, and another fight broke out, which I broke up.

    Anyone ever done this before? Should I just let them go until they figure out the pack mentality? I sure don't need any vet bills...
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    Sorry Ron, I have CATS :lol: No help here buddy.
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    Not to worry, the dogs will settle their own differences. That's what dogs do. One will become dominant over the other and that settles that.