Got bit by the ultra magnum bug

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  1. Kids wanted to go to the toy store so I made a pit stop at my toy store.... didnt turn out well. Ended up going against green vinca advice and bought a remington long range in 300 RUM. I've always fancied the RUM since their introduction but never really thought they were for me. got a smoking deal on it so i cant complain except brass prices are too damn high.
    I really like the stock. its a B&C M40 grey spiderweb stock. Action is silky smooth like a 700. External adjustable smooth trigger, big heavy contour barrel. Casing is slight longer than a 416 Ruger, and slightly fatter since they have the same bolt face but the RUM is rebated.
    Funny, was talking to the guy at the counter how I am looking for a Weatherby Mark V in a big caliber. Said he don't usually get them in, but he might have a 6.5 creed in stock. I laughed and shook my head LOL
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  2. A fella after my own heart. So many guns, so little time. Nice rifle!
  3. I tried to buy ammo at Walmart today. I've seen 375 RUM on clearance at a few. They couldn't sell me the ammo. Crap has been on the shelf for YEARS it's no longer in their system. In store associates and co manager has no clue what to do. Blah!
    And of course bass pro doesn't even carry it.
  4. Congratulation, Nice toy.
    What kind if scope are you puting on it?
  5. No selection of scope yet, might take a donor Vortex from the 50 and get something else. I don't have nightforce kind of money yet
  6. having a hard time right now just finding affordable brass. somehow Norma is the cheapest LOL. I might just have to buy ammo and pull them for brass.
  7. I’ll keep an eye out in my Walmart for you man
  8. thanks fern! ordered a box of 165 :-( from academy sports this morning. double dipped coupons. Which doesn't work now, but it was 30% off so can't complain if it ships. these things are cruising with such a light bullet LOL. After adding optics and stuff this is going to set me back from the 458 Lott goal :mad:
  9. Ill keep my eye out for you.