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  1. Got my Pig yesterday. Was hunting 20c, saw the herd Monday evening around 5:30 on top of a pretty big hill, decided to let them be since it was getting close to dark. Went back yesterday morning and glassed the same hill until about 9AM and there they were. Took about a 2 hour stalk and thought I lost them, they had gone over the hill and I was about to give up when I heard them fighting over something. It was pretty thick stuff so I stayed downwind and finally saw them around a prickly pear tree. Had one quartering away from me at 30 ranged yards and put the arrow right behind the last rib and out the opposite shoulder. Big sow she didnt even take a step. Have pictures but will probably be awhile before developed. Now for deer. Good luck to all.

  2. Congrats on the pig.

    The only ones we seen over in unit 33 were a sow and 2 lets. they were small enough that she was off limits. Couldnt find the rest of the herd. Lots of deer out just nothing with head gear. going out again on Friday and see what happens.

  3. Congrats. Don't leave us hangin' on the pics.
    I can't wait for the general javelina, 37B for me!
  4. congrats...i am hoping to get out in 22 this weekend.if i stumble on any it will be pure luck.i changed jobs in late nov. and have been very busy since and my scouting trips have been pushed and pushed till its too late :(
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    Congratulations. I don't go out until the Feb rifle season.
  6. Az426 I used to hunt 22 for Javi's, If I could help let me know.
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    Way to go Ron. Like the story also.
    Hoping Feb. I get mine.
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    What Unit?
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    Same area we will be camping in - 35a.
  10. We are 4 for 4 so far, but mine is the did a kamikazi and sacrificed itself to save the big one.......hehehe.
    Marshall, is there a way to post video here, I videoed a friend shooting his.