Got my Bow !!! :)

Discussion in 'Archers Lodge' started by Desert_Ram, May 11, 2007.

  1. yep today i got my bow and am just loving it :) :) :) can you tell we got the draw set at 26" right wher it should be and got the peep moved down thank god here are the new pixs.

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    OH YEAH you got it, Nice looking Bow Desert Ram. Thanks for posting the action photos. So it looks like pink Vains? Hey what is( the name of the place you are at. is it the shop where you bought the Bow at?
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  3. yes it is its called Desert Archery yes pink vains ttee hhee and my tubing for the peep is pink also need to change it :lol:
  4. Great you shoot it good.
  5. Nice bow Desert Ram. My girlfriend was looking at the photos and it has inspired her to try to draw a bow next time we visit Sportsmans Warehouse. She follows me around the archery range, but it would be nice to have her shoot.
  6. Onlythinmg about the pink fletchings they don't stay that nice bright pink..:( had the pink and purple on mine but no longer can find them in the 2 inch to replace will have to order more
  7. Oh and BTW nice set up ...New toys are always fun
  8. i have had those pink ones for over a year now lol tyvm i love my new toy its great!!!
  9. Mark,
    thats great to hear i hope your Girlfrend gets into archery i just love it. have her try the edge and she will be hook!!!! its the smooths pullin bow that i have ever pulled!! and it was made for women by women uumm maybe i should work parttime for diamond lol if she has any questions have her PM and i will give you/her my cell number anytime. love to see more women getting into archery just not hunting but just shooting archery.