Got my new Binoculars today!

Discussion in 'Hunting Lounge' started by DutchmanAZ, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. After doing quite a bit of research, I finally ordered and received my first "real" pair of binoculars. I ended up purchasing a set of Vortex Sidwinders 10x42's. WOW! I'm by no means an optical specialist, but I feel these glasses are an excellent product for the money. Relatively light at 22 ounces, and decent sized. The view is bright, clear, and extremely detailed. I'm looking forward to trying them out in the field! :D :D :D
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    Ron, Glad to hear it. I guess I'll have to upgrade also. I still have my KMART 10x50's I bought in 1980. They weigh about ...20lbs and couldn't stand them around my neck for a half hour. Last year I broke down and bought one of those harness THINGIES :roflpmp: from SW... I'm good for another 25yrs. :lol:

  3. nothing like a decent pair of bino's to make any hunting trip evn better!i have the windriver mesa'a 10x50's,for 205 bucks they are darn good.definately get you some of those crooked horn bino shoulder strap things for 25 bucks,worth every cent.
  4. I'm the Vortex Field Staff guy for AZ.

    I just got the 8x42 Sidewinders
  5. LOL Taul Paul! Remember our conversation about being cheap? :lol:

    Desert Rat, I read your posts about the Vortex line on other boards along with all the others. I too wasn't able to find any negative comments on them other than the standard "'insert high $$ brand here' are better but cost a lot more".
    I didn't know you were the AZ rep - Congrats! Do you have a link posted somewhere so others can take a look?
  6. We're going to get some ads up for them, but meanwhile folks can visit

    Edit - Ooops, I see they are up :oops:
  7. I just bought the Nikon Monarch 10x42's. ////wow these are nice bino's as well. Not that I am an expert but they will do well for my needs. The impotant thing is I got a smokin deal on them at Cabelas. Got the demo case model because they were sold out of all they had. Got the como ones that go for 319. Bought mine for $288. THANKS CABELA'S..LOL
  8. One problem with camo gear - be careful where you set them down, may not find them for a while.....:D