got news LMAO :)

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  1. well you can say that my petco store we rock remember when i told you guys about the wildlife day?? well don martin did an awesome store and my boss took that store to her boss this weekend and he loved it and gave it to the gal who plans store events. and because of the great turn out we had TTTEEE HHHEEE now next year all petco stores will be doing something for wildlife day/week i couldnt belevie it when she told me this. so i am planing for next year's event if anyone wants to help me out let me know lol :D here is a pix from that day . next year bigger and better will have the G&Ffishing game and other things lol just had to share my news with you all

  2. You mean there might be hope for Petco after all

    Wonder how HSUS :smack2: is going to take it :crutch:

    Awesome step in the right direction

  3. lmao :frusty: i know but thats not what this wildlife day is. :lol2: its to show that petco supports our wildlife and I.E. AZ G&F i dont donate to the "petco foundation" thats what the money goes to and yes it total sucks but i cant stop it i have tried trust me!!! i sent emails with all the info about the HSUS in it, but i also need to becarefull i love my job also.
  4. But it is still about proper game mangement to be able to enjoy that healthy wildlife ;)