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Discussion in 'Archers Lodge' started by az426, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. piggy for 22 is in the backpack,ready for jan. 1st.this will be my 3rd attempt but my first attempt in you guys have anything speciall for your archery pig set-ups?i plan on taking some aftershock 100's.i have been really wanting to try these out.2" cut mechanical,i think it will bring one down rather quick :shock:
  2. I use Rockets and they do a job. This yea's pig was a 58 lb sow.
    Where in 22 are you going? Be careful of the marijuana fields north of Sunflower they found last month....probly more out there.

  3. camp fires with the funny looking trees........might start seein pigs everywhere! :roflpmp:
  4. well,not quite exactly sure yet,i am thinking near the north end of roosevelt somewhere.the desert is parched without any rain again :( so i am thinking of sticking near water.

    lol,no worries here and i hate that smell...eeeewww
  5. I like the Sonoran 100 grain 3 blades for piggies. Not much of an entrance wound but one whopper of an exit. Although last year I took mine with a rocket ultimate steel. Caught it in the left rear, quartering away. Went through the left rear hip socket, broke 4 vertabre and took the right front shoulder on its way 40 yards the other wide of the pig. The pig made it only about 10 feet. and fell over. Took me about 10 minutes to find the arrow. LOL.. Got to hate it when that happens.

    Oh and the broadhead aside from needing new blades survived. Thats the only one Ihave taken with the ultimate steel. I have taken 4 now with the Sonorans. Have not had one go farther then 20 yards with a double lung shot yet. And it leaves a 2 1/2-3" 3 bladed exit wound. LOL.. Puts them on the ground in a hurry.