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Discussion in 'Hunting Lounge' started by goinhtn63, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. I am going to buy a GPS this year. What do you guys have. What do you recommend. I am looking at the Garmin 60,60c and 60cs.
    Not sure I want to spend $500 though.
  2. AZ~ThunderDan

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    I would recommend a Garmin. I have a Garmin 12 and it does all it's supposed to do.

    I certainly wouldn't spend $500 for one, unless it could double as a satellite TV, cell phone, MP3 player and a drip coffee maker. :wink:

  3. Chief

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    I have an old Garmin "etrex" seems like I've had it forever. If memory serves me correct I paid right at $100.00 for it. It mostly just sits in the case and I use a compass.
  4. I have a Garmin Etrex, $99, and love it. Once you set it to UTM - Universal Transverse Mercador - and learn how that works, along with a map you will never be lost. And you can also find spots you have never been to with just a few coordinates. I don't use it to its fullest capabilities, I mark a few waypoints and where I park. My main reason for getting one was to find the truck when it is 2:00 in the morning and blacker that the inside of a cow.

    One hint, don't get a camo version, too easy to lose if you set it on a rock and walk away. I know a couple of guys that donated their first ones to the hunting gods doing that....:D
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    Kind of off-topic, but I've found a nice brass Mini-Mag light and a digital pedometer. Both work fine. They were'nt camo, but finding these items where I did makes me wonder what the story behind them was.
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    I have a 60csx. Found it on the net for $400, including shipping, and love it. Worth every penny to me. Try one of the shopping services, like If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can easily compare prices for different retailers.

    I also bought the Garmin MapSource topos. The 60csx will hold topos for the entire state. When I am going to a familiar area (where I would know what direction to head if the GPS fails), I don't even bring paper maps any more. For new locations, I still bring paper maps as a backup, but mostly use the GPS since it shows terrain contours and most features like tanks, springs, roads, etc.