1. Although this may not be impressive to some, it's my 6 year old's first time shooting a .22. It was from about 50 yards.

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  2. Wow that is scary if you think about it. Give home a a couple years and we will have hard time believing the one hole is a 5 shot group. I’m thinking of getting my 4 year old later this year involved more with gun safety before letting fire alone
    I have held him before and he knows basic safety
  3. Something I did with my sons (now adults) and my grandson the other day was to demonstrate the destructive power of a firearm. After we shot a metal target with a BB gun and .22 for a while, I shot it with a 12 ga. shotgun, which blew a hole in it the size of my head. It's kind of the shock factor. I want him to know just how much damage can be done to a person if he doesn't handle the gun(s) safely.
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