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We have a pair of Great Horned Owls that live and raise a family on he mountain side every year. Last night while sitting on the patio we had two of the young ones land on a rock outcropping and another in a big pine tree near it sibling. While watching them I had this bright idea :idea: Why not put out my FoxPro caller and Jack-in-the-Box Decoy and see what the reaction would be. Placed it out in the middle of the drive way, went back to the patio, opened another cold one, and turned on the rabbit distress call and also started the decoy. Both of the youngsters immediately looked at it and I thought that I would soon see some action. Out of nowhere mommy or daddy swooped out of the sky hit the decoy and started flying off with it. The decoy is connected to the caller and both work off a remote, so not only is the decoy about to become airborne but so is a very exspensive caller. I started to holler and run out into the driveway but she/he dropped everything and took off. No damage done to either caller or decoy.

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Too bad you didn't have a video.

Danielle, actually both girls, has a lot of experience with raptors. I had her volunteering out at Adobe Mtn Wildlife Rehab Center for a couple summers. She worked rehabbing owls, hawks, vultures, eagles and lots of other game so they could be released back into the wild. We have had kestrels, baby ravens, red tails, burrowing owls and a possum at the house over the years. They are pretty neat to watch. I used to get some of the birds that couldn't be released due to missing wing, eye, leg, etc and take them to my Hunter Ed classes on Wildlife ID night. Really made an impression on the kids and got the point across to make sure of your target since most of them were shot by hunters, whether on accident or on purpose.

The more you post Chief the more I want to get down there & hook up with you.
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