Great old story

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  1. Thanks Marsha,
    The story brought back a lot of memories of Norm, as we spent many years together on the Board of the ABA.
    Norm was truely a bowhuntinmaniac but also an inventor. He invented the hyperhot cow elk call and for the old time bowhunters, he invented a little device that was called the cushion plunger.
    He deserved that bighorn tag but since he couldnt use it any longer, he would have been the first to say to give it to a worthy cause as HOAL.
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    your welcome Garth,

    I never got to know him but when i heard about him and what his family did i was total blown away by it i never knew he did the elk call and the plunger for bows thats cool. I try to always show my support for HOAL by talking about it. as i get more info from Don i'll pass it on.