Greed Kills

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  1. Going to have to figure out a sausage recipe for tags, cause I get to eat my elk tag. Worst part is it is my fault. I passed on 6 different elk from 10 to 30 yds, got caught up chasing horns. I got on a 7x7 whale-tailed monster on the first sunday and couldn't get him out of my head. Opening morning I passed on a spike & 4x because I had seen bigger, didn't get close to any on saturday, then sunday morning I got on the big 7 first thing by running to the bugles. I was 30 steps too far up the hill, he came out 10 yds below me with the wind blowing right to him. Had I stopped just 30 steps sooner he would have been between 15 & 20 yds upwind of me. I was shaking so hard it was all I could do to nock an arrow, needless to say I got busted. After seeing him I passed on a small 6x about an hour later, then that evening I had a nice 5x pose broadside for me at 30 yds for about 5 minutes. That is the one that bothers me most. I was only a couple hundred yds from camp and the way he was facing he would have ran right down to the road and died, could have pulled the truck up to him if he didn't die right by camp. In the middle of the week I passed on another small 6x, it was kinda iffy where I had to thread the arrow. Then finally on the 9th day I let a unicorn spike go, his saving grace was I had just had a 380+ bull go by with all his cows. Mr Unicorn stood and stared at me at 20 yds and I had an arrow nocked and ready, I just told him this is your lucky day buddy and chased the big boy. Like I said at the beginning, greed kills...... :(
  2. Slim,

    Imagine how much fun you would have missed had you loosed a good arrow on the first day. All that heart pounding action, all the hard work, all the miles and miles put on your boots, and tires. All the sleepless nights with dreams of that toad running rampant through your head. All the early mornings.
    Boy sure sounds like you made a bad decision on passing on all of those bulls. :p Greedy old man you. :twisted: LOL...

    I hate it when that happens. ALthough that hasent happened to me much, I have about as much restraint as you had back in Jan., with your archery deer. LOL.. My first bull tag finally netted me a spike. One of those things. he was close and legal, No idea what happened Remember thinking "thats way cool" to see a bull ( the spike ) bugle right in front of us ( 4 feet blew snot all over me). And "boy it would be nice if that was one I wanted to shoot. "
    Next thing I knew I was following a blood trail.. end of story. LOL.. Dont even rememebr knocking an arrow. LOL..


  3. We'll see if Slim can excerise restraint this January. I've already sent him some trail cam pics of a decent buck just to get him salivating. He'll be so lathered up come January he'll shoot the first buck in range. :twisted:
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    Well you know what they say Mr. Slim - Crap Happens.
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    It's too bad you didn't stick one, but it sounds like you had an awesome experience.
  6. I wouldn't trade it for nothing. I was on elk every day and called in over 20+ cows, calves and little bulls for my partner and I. At times I was trying to shoo the little turds away as I had calves come right up and stare at me, my ghillie works great when you kneel down and wear a mask. I definitely know a 5 sq mile area around where we were hunting extremely well for future tags, my gps had 93.6 miles on the trip meter and it spent a lot of time in my pocket turned off or not tracking the satellites. I would have missed some great experiences calling and mornings of running to the bugles had I shot that 5x, but I still have to kick myself for not filling the freezer.
  7. Oh, and I don't know what Creed is talking about. Those are little baby deer in the pics he sent, everyone knows there are no deer in the desert. Ya got to go to the Kaibab or up north to get big deer, don't waste your time in the desert.