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    We grill all year long, but more so at this time of the year. I have a little charcoal grill and of course the standard issue propane grill. I like the gas grill the wife prefers the charcoal. What I would like to know from you folks with the gas grills is how often do you clean them? I know it probably sounds gross but I only clean mine once a year, usually about March. I think all the bit and pieces of burnt food left on the grill adds flavor to the next meal :) , now I do hit it with the brush before I start grilling but it doesn't always get everything off.
  2. Depends on what I have been cooking. When I marinate I have to clean a little more since it drips down on the shield over the burners. but my cleaning consists of removing the covers on the bottom and scraping out all the big chunks through the holdes. The stuff that builds up on the walls stays.

    Today I will be grilling some pork TL's, broccoli tops with butter & seasoning wrapped in tin foil and some twice baked potatos. I nuke the spuds first, then dig em out, mix up with chives, shredded cheese and bacon bits, stuff em back in the skins and put on the top rack of the grill.

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    You guys clean your grills?

    Just kidding. Once or twice a year, I give the grate a brushing to get the worst of the stuff off, and then put it in the self-cleaning oven. It smokes a bit, but comes out clean.
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    I clean mine 3 or4 times a year. I use it alot and more so in the summer. I cook a lot of Chicken , and my Favort Cornish Game Hens. I clean the insides out well. Shape the walls and wash with Dawn , then hose it out good. I once had the inside catch fire and that was scary. No matter what I did I couldn't get it out. Yes I turn the gas off and had the lid closed. Killed the whole meal. I clean the grill off with a brush before and after cooking, If I remember to turn the darn thing off. :mrgreen:
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    I routinely turn the burners on high and close the lid for approximately 15 minutes. When the smoke plume subsides, I brush down both sides of the grill. As long as the burner orifices are unobstructed, I couldn't care less about the bottom. Our 3 dogs keep any drips cleaned up. They'll fight over the smallest morsel that falls out of the bottom.
  6. Easy Off oven cleaner works super on grates. Spray them and put them in a garbage bag and set it in the sun for awhile--then hose it off.:cool: