GTG Status???

Discussion in 'Hunting Lounge' started by Desert Rat, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. Folks - it's looking like we're down to 2 people. I don't mind going down if there are more planning to show up, that haven't chimed in yet. If you're thinking you might stop by, post and let us know ASAP.

    Dutchman - what do you think? I can meet you at the camping spot, around noon.
  2. I'll be there along with my son and nephew. Looking forward to meeting with you & whoever else can make it. :D

  3. Geez... 23 views and only Dutchman could respond? Yes or No

  4. Chief

    Chief Guest

    Maybe 23 views, but there are at least 6 different threads that address the GTG and at least 6 people responded that for one reason or another they couldn't make it: Coues84-bowhuntingmanic-AzSlim-Cochise-Paul and myself.
  5. Chief - Sorry. I guess I made the post with the thought that "yes, several people had posted that they could not come, but what about the rest?" I was trying to get a better idea about the 80 or so members that hadn't indicated one way or another."

    What I didn't want to do was blow it off, and then have several members show up unexpectedly. I do appreciate the people that indicated they could not come.