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  1. Hello everyone,
    I am selling some guns for a family member. Before I sell them to someone I do not know and ship them around the country I would prefer to sell them to someone I know or know something about. Or, maybe someone you know.
    I have all of these guns in my possession and they have been verified as legal weapons. I will break them up by category and if you read something that interests you let me know. Time is of the essence in this sale.
    If you are not interested, thanks for reading and have a nice day.

    Shot guns:
    Remington 870 Express Super Magnum, camo Hardwoods, 12 gauge. This gun is lightly used and in excellent shape. $400.00 OBO (SOLD)

    Remington 870 LW Magnum, 20 gauge. Wood stock, LW stands for light weight. This gun is lightly used and in great shape. $500.00 OBO (SOLD)

    Benelli M-1 HK Super 90 Tactical 12 Gauge shotgun, semi-auto. Composite stock. Excellent shape. $700.00 OBO

    Fabarm HK Lion MK II 12 gauge shot gun chambered for 2-3/4 and 3" wood stock, excellent shape, Tri-bore, Semi auto. $500.00 OBO

    Ithica Model 37 Feather Light 12 gauge pump shot gun with 18" barrel, engraved receiver, wood stock. Minor scratches on receiver. $250.00 OBO

    Mossberg model 500 12 gauge pump shotgun chambered for 2-3/4 and 3" in mossy oak camo pattern, less than 1 box of shells through this weapon. $250.00 OBO (SOLD)

    All shotguns are without rust and in good working order.


    HK Mark 23 45 caliber auto pistol with (2) standard magazines. This gun is in great shape with tiny scratches from storage and handling. This is a special forces designed weapon. $1,700.00 OBO

    Ruger Vaquero revolver with simulated ivory handles in 45 caliber. Like new in box with all paperwork and leather tooled black holster. $550.00 OBO (SOLD)

    Ruger 22-45 22 caliber semi-auto pistol with (2) standard magazines in original case. Some moderate scratches on end of barrel. $200.00 (SOLD)

    All handguns are without rust and in good working order.


    Winchester Model 70 SA chambered in 308 Win. with synthetic stock, heavy varmint stainless steel barrel, and topped with a Nikon Buckmaster 4.5 x 14 x 40 mm scope. Less than 100 rounds through this rifle.
    $900.00 OBO

    Marlin Model 17 VS .17 HMR rifle with Stainless steel heavy barrel, laminated stock and topped with a Tasco 3 x 9 x 40 mm stainless scope. Extra clip included. Excellent shape. $500.00 OBO

    Winchester Model 94 30-30 lever action rifle built in 1978-1979. The action is great but some goofball replaced one of the screws with a shiny silver screw and there is a small amount of rust on the side of the receiver. It looks like dust until you look closely at it. Still, this is a good rifle. Open sights. $350.00 OBO (SOLD)

    Interarms M-59 22 Magnum caliber pump rifle. This is a pretty cool little rifle. The action and barrel still seem in good shape but there is some wear on the stock (from normal use I would say). $200.00 OBO (SOLD)

    Black Rifles:

    Olympic Arms AR-15 style rifle chambered in 223. This rifle comes with an extra 16" barrel and is topped with a Red Dot scope. It also features an adjustable stock and comes with an extra clip. $1,100.00 OBO
    Excellent Condition (SOLD)

    Hesse FAL-H 7.62 mm assault rifle topped with a Simmons Pro Hunter 6 x 18 x 40 mm scope and (5) spare magazines. Fair condition. $700.00 OBO(SOLD)

    SKS 7.62 C.A.I. ST. assualt rifle with spare magazine and topped with an unknown 3 x 9 x 32 mm scope.
    Fair condition. $250.00 (SOLD)

    I established the pricing using Gunbroker.com and a few other sources, if you see any mistakes please let me know. I have 100+ pictures of these firearms and would be happy to email more specific info if you require it, I did not want to jam anyone's email or webspace with that long of a download. Email me at Coyotebuster08@aol.com for more information.
    Thanks again,
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  2. I am interested in both the SKS and AR-15 do you have pictures of them that show everything that comes with them? thanks

  3. AZ~ThunderDan

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    There's some very nice guns listed here, and the prices seem fair enough.

    FWIW - the Fabar (Brescia, Italy) shotguns are currently imported by Heckler & Koch, Inc., of Sterling, VA (previously by Ithica Acquistion Corp., St Lawrence Sales, Inc. and Beeman Precision Arms, Inc.)
  4. Man I wish I had the dough for that AR. I want one of those bad!! Good luck with the sale Jim. I will pass this one to a guy I know is looking.
  5. These two rifles are listed as assault rifles, unless they are full automatic they are not assault rifles. I could expect Pelso and Obama to refer to them as assault rifles but not someone who frequents this site. If in fact they are full auto you have my sincere apology.
  6. Chief,
    As you stated these are not fully auto, I will post the pictures you requested when I get back to my personal computer (Monday).
    Sorry for the confusion that may have caused.
  7. OK,
    Here are the pics for the Olympic Arms and SKS, I don't have a picture for the spare Olympic barrel or magazines with me at work. I have not tried to "pretty" these up in any way, this is how I received them.
  8. Can you email me over some pics of the Benelli M-1 HK Super 90 Tactical 12 Gauge shotgun, semi-auto. Composite stock. Excellent shape. $700.00 OBO?
    let me know,
    I might be interested.
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