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  1. Just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Ron and I have been a member about a month I guess. I have been lurking around for probably 2 months. A little about me, Im 47, live in Peoria AZ, work for a prominent tech company here in the Valley. I am married, 2 kids, a girl 14, and a boy 11. I enjoy all types of hunting, archery being number one, but also rifle or blackpowder. I grew up in Indiana so whitetail was what I was weened on starting at the age of about 10. I am very fortunate with my work schedule to have a lot of time off to be outdoors and in that my Mrs is very understanding and lets me hunt or fish as much as I like. Right now I am looking forward to next week to get out and chase some muley's and pigs up in unit 20c. Hope to get a chance to meet some of you sometime, until then have a Happy New Year and good hunting.

  2. Welcome Ron........what bow are you shooting?

  3. Hello bowhuntinmaniac, I shoot a Hoyt Protec with the 3000 limbs. Just went to it last may and really like it. I have been a finger shooter my whole life until this bow, finally decided to try the release and wonder now why I waited so long. How about you?
  4. I started shooting a Bowtech last year and really like it. I was in North dakota in October and one time forgot my release and didnt realize it until I was in stand. I ended up shooting a doe with fingers, and it really felt good. I actually am thinking about going back to fingers, just seem to enjoy it more.

  5. woohoo,,another Hoyt shooter.. LOL.. I have both a Hyper-tech and a turbo tech. both with enough bells and whistles to keep me in trouble with the wife. LOL The Turbo tech pulls 80 and the hyper bottoms out at 68 (1/4 turn off the bottom). Pulling 28.5 inches of draw. LOL.. Lots of umph... I like Power. LOL. But still ocsionally pick up the old recurve and fling a few with it also. Thats if I can pry it out of my oldest daughters hands. LOL..

    Welcome aboard. :welcome: :lol: :lol: Good to have ya.

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    Welcome aboard! Check out the thread "Somethng for Everyone", if you can make it we would like to have ya.

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    Welcome to AHT. :welcome: