Hello from Tempe.

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  1. Welcome to AHT !!! As a Group we all like hand made knives, another member that just signed on does the same as you, he posted a pic or two of his work. Me, I buy blanks, make and shape my steel from a ready made then mostly do horn handles. I got a few laying around , if I can find them Ill post up pics. I got one serious pig sticker, would make Green Vinca proud, another post on here about Texas hog hunting with knives.
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  2. Welcome! I lived on Parkway just west of Hardy in Tempe for quite a few years, and I learned my plumbing trade at a family-owned Tempe company that is no longer in existence, it was fun to have our shop down by the RR tracks near what is now Tempe Town Lake.

    I'm learning to hunt small game, and while I've tried turkey and deer so far I'm tag soup on those adventures!

    Edit: You'll have to check out the Squirrel & Rabbit camps that AHT puts on, lots of fun and a great way to meet some of the "characters" on this forum, I don't think a friendlier group of folks exists.
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    Welcome to aht!
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