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  1. First year here and first year hunting in AZ. So far only received an unsuccessful left over turkey tag, but applied again for Spring.
    I reload my own ammo for a Marlin 45-70 and have a Winchester 70 in 30-06.
    Looking forward to getting some tips and tricks on deer, elk, turkey, cougar, and bear hunting in Arizona.
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  2. Welcome to AHT !!! You should fit right in.

  3. Welcome! 1 for 3 on Turkey, 0-2 on Deer and 1 for 2 on Elk
  4. I am new to the draw and how it works! Back home we just bought a license and chose a zone!

    hoping I have more luck this coming year in more than one respect ‍♀️
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    Welcome to AHT!
  6. Welcome!

    I am new to hunting all the big creatures too. I just put in bonus points for now and look around.

    I hear elk live in ant hills. Sometimes I watch the ant hills waiting for the elk to come out. Haven't seen any yet... will update.
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  7. Welcome to a great site
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    Welcome to AHT!!!