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  1. My name is Matthew and I am a new ish hunter. I have killed a mule deer with my bow in 2018 that was pretty awesome! I am also a travel nurse. I joined to help learn new skills and also talk about tactics,tips, and new ways to hunt deer, elk, turkey, and javelina. Anybody feel free to message me if you would like to go hunting or try new areas. I am going to do OTC archery in 6A or 21 this year so any advice is appreciated! Thank you all.

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    Welcome to AHT, nice buck!
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  3. Welcome Again, Really Nice MD !!!!!
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  4. What area of state do you live in ?
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  5. Would have been better if your name really was chungus
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    Welcome to AHT!
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  7. Welcome, and congrats on that buck!
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  8. I live in central Phoenix but I grew up in Show Low Arizona
  9. If only I can change it to Chungus