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  1. Hello all, I just found this site. I know a lot of you guys on here from AZOD site. It looks like another good site. For those that don't know me, my name is Scott Buxton. I love to hunt mostly archery and I also hang glide. My dad has been hang gliding for 32 years now. He taught me how when I was 16 years old. I work as a tanker driver hauling gas to most Quik Trips around the valley. I look forward to spending time on Arizona Hunting Today forum.
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    :welcome: Glad you joined and we hope you visit often. Have you ever been down to Carr Canyon for some "gliding"?

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    Welcome Scott, :welcome:
    Where do you live ?

    I hate when people don't put where they live.
    I guess it's a big secret! :roflpmp:

  4. welcome blue elk,i also like archery hunting,till i actually shoot something-i guess i am a practicer so far :cry: post up on the archery stuff .....
  5. Chief, I have been to Miller Canyon and Box Canyon. I am not share ware carr canyon is. I do most of my flying up northern Arizona. Do you know if they fly carr canyon regular. Here is a pic of me Launching Mingus MT.

    My dad flying above Mingus
  6. TallPaul, I knew I was forgetting something. I live in Litchfield Park, AZ (West Phoenix)
  7. OK, I know where Carr Canyon is. It is the flying site we call Miller Canyon. Yes, I have flown there twice. I had to goto Google Earth and look up Miller Canyon and I found Carr Canyon right next to the flying site Miller Canyon.
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    Yup, thats the place. When you come off Carr Canyon you are looking into Miller Canyon that is probably why you call it Miller. You are landing in the field almost in our front yard, as a matter of fact over the past 30 years we have had some land in our front field. We are at the end of the dirt road nestled right up against the mountain. If you ever get down this way again let me know, your more than welcome to come up for a cold one. Also I would suggest that you let your fellow hang-gliders know that they will probably be losing their landing field in the near future, all that property has been sold to a housing developer.....
  9. Welcome blueelk!
    Won't get any of this here..... :frusty: .... :lol:
    Bunch of nice people here.
    Visit often and have fun!