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    Did I read on one of the forums that your daughter is moving to Douglas? If so, she will be right down the road from us, we are in Hereford. When you get around to visiting her please stop by for a cold one on your way home. We are a bit out of your way but not by much. Additionally if'n she should need a place to shoot a coues she is more than welcome to come visit our mountain side.
  2. Yep, we moved her down there about a month ago. She is going to school at the college to finish her Nursing degree, has a part time job doing home health care for the Bisbee hospital and will probably get hired on with the Douglas FD as an EMT, just waiting for the paperwork on that job. She lives in an apt on East 11th St in douglas.

    She would love to shoot a coues, didn't put in this year because of school but that won't be the case next year. Even if we can't hook up for a while I sure would appreciate it if you could take her on an outing or two. She is dying to go explore but doesn't know where to go. She has a 4Runner but doesn't have a lot of experience behind the wheel, most of her offroading has been in the passenger seat of mine. I worry she will take off in spots I would drive and end up getting stuck. She's a good kid and has no problems roughing it, and she has been working on getting her boyfriend trained but still has a lot of work ahead of her on that task......:D

    I will contact you next time I am heading down there. It will be a while tho as the season has started and between my tags, the girls' tags and a couple of clients I will be busy until Dec. If you want to exchange phone #'s send me an e-mail.

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    Our youngest daughter also started her nursing career at the Douglas campus, worked part-time at the Douglas Hospital, got her BS from UofA, got a nursing job at the SierraVista Hospital, finished her Masters Program and is now a Director of "Something or Other" there. She was also the guest speaker at one of the recent graduations - we are quite proud of her. She is also the one in the picture of "First Buck". The unfortunate side of all her success is now with being a Director, married and a child, hunting is on hold for a while, a long while I think :cry:

    I sent ya a PM
  4. I sure enjoy the hunts we have together. Will be taking both girls after elk the end of Oct and the youngest after deer in Nov. Won't be too much longer they won't have time for Dad.
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    Azslim, If she wants to do some sightseeing. There's a forest service office just south of the county fairgrounds. There in Douglas. If she likes pine trees. She's not to far from Rucker Canyon. There's a lot of different areas in the Chiricahua Mts. to check out, or just to get away from it for awhile. My oldest is just starting her second year at the U of A. They sure grow up fast. If you need anything? Let me know. I'm a little less than 80 miles north of Douglas. Right off of 191. I'm a 4-H leader. This weekend is county fair time. So I'll be down there a lot.
  6. I appreciate the offer Cochise, I'll pass on the info to her.
  7. Well Danielle called this morning and she starts her EMT job on thursday at the Dougla FD. Works out great for her to go to school also. She will work one 24 hr shift then a 16 hr shift per week. She is shooting for thursdays 24 & saturdays 16 and school on mon - wed. She is going to try to keep the part-time home health care job with the Bisbee hospital too. Pretty proud of the little turd, we have had our doubts over the years.

    So if you guys see a tall, long haired blond in Douglas FD garb say hi to her.
  8. Slim,

    I occasionally see the folks from that part of the country. I will keep an eye out for her. if she needs some extra $$ there is a private sector ambo down there also. Called Arizona Ambulance. They are a part time gig and all they do is hospital-hospital stuff but they pay pretty good. Its definately a side job.