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Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by Chief, Oct 20, 2006.

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    Gentle Jack is good BUT you got to try Single Barrel. Last night at our monthly poker game our host for the evening brought out a bottle for us to try. Simply fantastic :D Had to go to the adult beverage store today and buy a bottle, a little pricey but well worth the price. I'll keep it under lock and key and only bring it out on two occassions - when I'm by myself and when I'm with someone.

  2. I've heard that, but I've never had the occasion or opportunity to try it. I'll keep it in mind for sure. Maybe if my son or I get drawn for javelina in your neck of the woods, we can share a sip or two around a campfire. :p
  3. Chief

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    Looking forward to it :beer:
  4. Hmmm,

    I rate the Gentleman Jack right up there with the rest of my favorites which are mainly the single malt scotch family. I also like a little Beam and water on occasion. And on my pay thats about all I get . LOL But thats OK .. I dont mind. Just makes those times where I can divulge all that much better.

  5. Chief

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    Well, did ya or your boy draw 35a? If so I need to start saving my pennies to buy another bottle of Single Barrel.
  6. Better start saving! :beer: :D
    I was drawn for 35a archery (1/1- 1/25) and my son in 35a for rifle(1/26 - 2/4).

    Looking forward to meeting you.
  7. Hey Chief

    I recently purchased a bottle of the Jack Single Barrel in hopes of sharing a sip or two at the get together for those who decided to camp out. Things didn't quite work out, so I'm in the process of sampling it right now.
    [Man... is this stuff GOOD! Thanks for the tip!
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    Have a couple of sips for me. Sounds like you found something good. :lol: