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Discussion in 'The Chuck Wagon' started by Chief, Mar 20, 2007.

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    I know I'm not the only one who cooks, DutchmanAZ does, as does AzSlim, why no posting, let share those recipes....

    Slim just got back from a week as camp cook for a buffalo hunt, how about sharing what you cooked up. Dutchman makes a fine steak and potatoes meal, let's get them posted.
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    I have an italian sausage soup meal that we always have one night at deer or elk camp.

    I dont have the recipe in front of me but here is a brief description.

    italian sausage
    diced tomatoes
    beef broth
    bow tie pasta
    zuchini squash
    red wine
    italian seasoning
    sprinkle with parsley and fresh grated parmesan
    serve with a salad and garlic bread
    dont forget a nice merlot.

    If anyone is interested I can dig up the complete recipe, it's really good

  3. Okay here is my recipe for supper after a long day hunting Turkeys or Elk. It is after dark thirty. I stumble in to camp ,take off my boots, whew and socks whew. I open a can's of beanie wienies or spegitti o's or pork and beans. Take out a plastic spoon and eat. Throw the can and spoon in the garbage. Have an adult beverage, I love perfect manhattens. Maybe a cholate puddin or peanut butter sandwich for desert. Go to bed. It doesn't get any better than this. Gormet all the way. :lol:
  4. I posted both the gear I use and a couple recipes for you Chief.

    Next time we get together I will drag along one of my kitchen bags and cook you up something.
  5. Chief - you're much too kind..those potatoes stunk :oops: Have you attempted what I tried to relay to you about how it's supposed to be done? They do turn out excellent when cooked right...perhaps next time.
    Lesson learned - have a much hotter fire, or get your pan much closer to the coals. Another lesson learned - even bad potatoes taste okay providing you have gracious diners. At least the steak turned out decent.
    I have an old oriental style ceramic cooker at the house that I'm cooking steaks on now at a temperature of about 700 degrees.....just had to try it since that's what the fancy high dollar steak houses do around here...know what? Steaks turn out pretty damn good at that temp. Thick cut pork chops too.

    Thanks again for your hospitality and tuteladge...couldn't and surely wouldn't ask for a better host. I believe the good Lord Himself would highly frown were I to say otherwise and rightfully so, you being as you are. Still gotta get them onery women folk together to go stomping around the shopping centers whilst we stomp around the hills 8). [/i]
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    I'll be holding ya to that promise.
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    Yeah, I did with a few variations. I used the gas grill and veggie basket. Tossed some oil and various herbs in a ziplock bag, put the cut taters in the bag shook them up a bit to ensure all were coated, dumped them in the veggie basket snd put them on the grill. A few shakes during the cooking process and they turned out pretty darn good. Cooking time was about two beers :D
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    Civil War Roast

    I found this Dutch Oven recipe for Civil War Roast several years ago. I've cooked it up 3 or 4 times while out hunting and it was a smash hit for all who were lucky enough to join the dining experience. You can cook it any fashion you desire using a dutch oven, just make sure your heat source is evenly distributed if using coals or a coal-pit buried in the ground, or when cooking over a camp fire.

    What you need:

    A 12" - 16" well-seasoned Dutch Oven

    One 7-10 lb Pot Roast

    Two medium (or one large) Mayan Sweet or Vidalia onion(s)

    Two small bottles (or one large) bottle of Catalina Dressing

    Carrots - Potatoes - Celery

    Peel/cut the onions in half and place them flat-side down in the bottom of well-seasoned Dutch Oven. Place the roast on top of the onion, fat side up. Gently pour the Catalina Dressing over the entire roast, shaking well before before pouring. Fill the dressing bottle(s) 3/4 full with water and pour gently around the sides of the Roast. Cover and simmer for 2-4 hours, depending on the roast size you have. Peel and cut carrots, potatoes and celery and place them around the sides of the roast. Add any additional water if necessary. Cook for another hour, seasoning added to suit taste. Remove from heat, serve and enjoy.
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    Muley - You cannot use the word "Italian" 3 times, pasta, zuchini, italian seasoning and parmesan in a recipe and then recommend Merlot, a wine that comes from France :p
  10. AZ~ThunderDan

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    How funny. I just got this in an e-mail about 4 days ago from a buddy who lives in Hurricane, UT.

    This is a news story:

    SALT LAKE CITY -- Merlot can be a variety of grape or a type of red wine, but not an acceptable personalized license plate in the state of Utah.
    Glenn Eurick's 1996 Mercedes has had the license plate reading "merlot" for 10 years. He says the plate never got a lot of notice until the Utah Tax Commission told him last week that he had to remove it because the state doesn't allow words of intoxicant to be used on vanity plates.

    Six or seven-letter words like liquor or whiskey probably wouldn't make it through the state screening process before the plates are issued. But merlot did and Eurick was fine until an anonymous caller told the state that merlot was also an alcoholic beverage. Eurick's car with the offending plate is dark red, like the wine. He said few people who asked about the plate made the connection. Though one man did ask "if we chose merlot because there were too many letters in cabernet sauvignon," Eurick said. Eurick said he will challenge the state's decision.